Navigating Though Menopause: One Baby Boomer’s Road to a Hair Free Existence

“It’s not the age but the stage” is a saying I’ve heard and agreed with for years. My 6th decade of life, has probably been the most stressful, challenging, fantastic, life changing and invigorating time of all my previous decades.

In my 60’s I bid farewell to a lifetime of work, moved out of my lifelong state, basked in the glow of children living productive lives, welcomed new grandchildren into the world and witnessed my first grandchild grow into his own. Chronologically, although I am in my 60s, on most days I feel no different than I did when I was in my 30’s or 40’s.

Let me reiterate, ON MOST DAYS!

On those OTHER days it’s a hot mess. Jumping out of bed, my knees shouting, WHOA!!!! What are you doing??? Take it slow!! The creaking noises are my knees’ way of letting me know just who’s boss! As I hobble to the bathroom with my joints screaming for lubrication, I conjure up images of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, but a couple of stretching exercises will do. As the hot water from the shower cascades down my body, my muscles, in unison, heave a collective sigh of relief as the tension ebbs and flows like the evening tide.

For many women, the 50s and 60s brings about changes in our skin. It’s no surprise that plastic surgeons have seen an uptick in the number of Baby Boomers undergoing procedures. As per the Center for Plastic Surgery, “…Baby Boomers are actually visiting their cosmetic surgeons more frequently than other age ranges.” According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2015 statistics, the number of facelift and eyelid surgery patients who are 65 and older has increased by more than 50% over the last two decades, with the biggest jump happening within the past 5 years.

I’m all for it! If a tummy tuck, face lift or wrinkle fillers make you feel better, go for it! Just make sure you are in tip top shape before undergoing any procedures.

Menopause also ushers in another fine howdy you do……… hair, in all sorts of places. For some who have the misfortune of experiencing thinning hair and the decline of hair follicles on your head and other places this can be devastating transforming a once confident woman into someone fixated on checking out her hair in every mirror she passes. Promises of thicker, fuller hair is not lost on her as she tries every and anything to create the illusion of a voluptuous head of hair. Nature’s sense of humor peaks as the missing hair from the head, mysteriously and magically grows in abandonment from the head to the chinny chin chin in about an eighth of a second. Looking in the 10X mirror one second, plucking those cantankerous hairs in the next second and in a mere 5 minutes later glancing sideways through your rearview mirror that seemingly same plucky coarse hair is standing erect mocking and taunting your very next move! I’m HERE!!! ………..

Your ever ready tweezer stands at attention, ready, willing and able….. until the next time.

Over the years, I’ve been waxed, lasered, tweezed, used depilatory hair removal products and even purchased the first-generation electric hair removal system which came, by the way, with a pretty hefty price tag. Nothing checked all of the boxes. In search of the perfect solution, I know nothing is perfect, I decided to try the latest entry into the hair removal market, Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Painless Hair Remover. The price is reasonable, the product very attractive and the size small enough to rest unobtrusively in your purse. The most important question is will it work? Reading the reviews, it’s all over the place, from glowing 5 stars (the majority) all the way down to one star. As a frequent discoverer of wayward chin hairs, I definitely needed to give this product a try.

Today, I bought the Finishing Touch® Flawless® Painless Hair Remover with minimal to no expectations; after all I could always go back to using the depilatory creams. I carefully followed the instructions which were simple and direct. The good news is that the battery was included so no fumbling around looking for one. The instructions clearly stated “Gently press the head of the unit flat against your skin. The unit should not be on an angle. Proceed making circular motions to remove unwanted hair.”

I unpacked the unit, inserted the battery, and flipped the switch to the on position. The device immediately hummed into action and I held the unit flat against my chin with my 10x mirror as the judge and jury. I not only attacked the facial sprouts on my chin but also decided to mow down the peach fuzz that occupied the sides of my face. To my pleasant surprise, it began to work. With each circular motion, sometimes I had to go over a spot 3 times, the peach fuzz and hair sprouts vanished. It took less than 5 minutes to achieve my desired result. I then emptied the device to see exactly how much hair was removed and again to my surprise, the result was significant.

In today’s day and age, the choices we have are plentiful and each solution has their pros and cons. In my opinion, the compact, efficient, PAINLESS, odorless, Finishing Touch® Flawless® Facial Hair Remover is definitely worth a try.

Please note that the enclosed affiliate link is for this product that I personally bought, tested and really liked. If you click on this link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). Thanks for your support!

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